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How much is the 500 mA U-arm X-ray machine?

Lillian 11月 04, 2021

There are two most important points when buying a U-arm X-ray machine. One is the performance of the X-ray machine. To meet the basic shooting needs, the other is the price. Many customers have inquired about our U-arm X-ray machine, and many have come to make an inquiry. So, how much is the 500 mA U-arm X-ray machine?
In fact, no single product can be based on price alone. Especially for a device, the price cannot be discussed alone. Because the equipment has a configuration, the configuration is different, and the price is different. Take the 500 mA X-ray machine, the same 500 mA machine. We have many models, including the film bed style, the U-arm X-ray machine style, and the double column style. The prices are different. Besides, the various components of the U-arm X-ray machine, the high-voltage generator, tube, and beam limiter have many configurations to choose from. The most important thing is the imaging system, which has an analog system and a digital system. The price of the analog system is relatively cheaper, while the price of the digital system is higher.
So how much is the U-arm X-ray machine, if you want to know more about it, you can contact us.


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