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How is the U-arm X-ray machine with system designed?

Alina 3月 30, 2020

The Uarm Xray machine is a type of Xray machine that uses a DR imaging system. The Uarm Xray machine is designed for ease of use.

Is the simple and movable film bed suitable for X-ray U arm machine
The Uarm Xray machine has a flexible movable arm design that meets the shooting requirements of standing, lying, sitting and various special positions. Easy to install, saving space and cost. Reduces the size of the CCD detector and reduces weight with a dual reflection design.

Design advantages of X-ray U arm for digital systems
The Uarm Xray machine uses an infrared dual-light path control system to protect the safety of the person and the machine. Uarm Xray machine PLC control, more anti-interference. Preview time is up to 4 seconds, improving work efficiency. Special database design to ensure data security.
Intelligent parameter setting, green dose control. The automatic position control system makes positioning easy and quick. Large touch screen for easy operation.

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