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Hospital X-ray machine voltage 

Newheek-Uarm 3月 04, 2022

Generally, the ray tube of medical X-ray film machine is divided into two voltages, one is the tube voltage, also called the accelerating voltage; The tube voltage determines the ray energy, while the filament voltage determines the radiation dose. The tube voltage is basically ten thousand volts, while the filament voltage is only a few tens of volts, so the ray tube needs a set of circuits to work, and the connection is all civilian 220v AC, and the latter is divided into two channels, one way is boosted to tens of thousands of volts of AC, and rectified for acceleration, The other way is to step down for the filament.

Within the allowable range, the tube voltage can be adjusted arbitrarily. Domestic machines generally use changing the input voltage of the high-voltage primary to change the tube voltage of the x-ray tube. ,
Within the allowable range, the tube current can be arbitrarily adjusted (or selected). Generally, the method of series resistance in the primary of the filament is used. to change the filament heating voltage.
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