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Function of U-arm X-ray machine

Lillian 5月 09, 2021

U-arm X-ray machine, also known as sickle arm X-ray machine, is mainly composed of sickle arm, X-ray high-frequency high-voltage generator, console, tube, beam limiter, mobile photography flat bed, flat panel detector and digital workstation. Partial composition. The rotation range is large, and multi-angle whole-body photographs can be taken, and the digital flat-panel detector is used for digital imaging, and the imaging is stable and high-definition.
The U-arm X-ray machine is mainly used for the photographic inspection of the human body’s chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine. The U-arm X-ray machine has a U-shaped main frame and adopts fully automatic digital control drive technology, which is accurate and reliable. There are three convenient and quick control methods: handheld controller type, button type, and LCD touch screen type.


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