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DR is a X-ray U arm imaging system

Abby 6月 15, 2019

The X-ray U arm is a more advanced type of X-ray machine. It is more convenient to use. It can be used for filming in a lying position or standing. The film bed used in the general U-arm is also relatively simple, with moving wheels, without a cassette.
DR is a X-ray U arm imaging system
The X-ray U arm is an advanced X-ray machine type, and the imaging system is a DR system, which is faster and more convenient than CR. The DR system consists mainly of flat panel detectors, usually with software systems, and flat panel detectors are available in both wired and wireless flat panel detectors.
The X-ray U arm has both reset and rotary protection. It can be preset to three positions to enter the machine, and press the three reset button, the system will move to your preset position. When the X-ray U arm is in the lower position, it can turn it by the key. It won’t rotate. Then run to a higher location and it will work. This function is to protect the machine from falling. The X-ray U arm can touch the ground while rotating, and can shoot the foot.
DR is a X-ray U arm imaging system

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