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Domestic brand X-ray U-arm photography system manufacturers

Amy 1月 23, 2020

With the rapid development of science and technology, X-ray technology has made rapid progress, and various functional X-ray machines have emerged endlessly, especially the popularity of digital technology. Many domestic medical device manufacturers have gradually transitioned to digital medical X-ray photography systems. Structures include X-ray U-arm radiography system and C-arm digital medical X-ray radiography system. The improvement of the overall research and development level of domestic equipment has gradually broken the monopoly of large high-end medical equipment by imported products. The market share of domestic X-ray U-arm  photography systems is gradually increasing. Many hospitals have encountered difficulties in purchasing. The following is an introduction to the domestic brand X-ray U-arm  photography system:

Newheek is one of the famous x-ray U-arm  manufacturers in China. Its latest X-ray U-arm photography system has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. This U-arm has a unique U-arm support system. , Excellent balance weight design, reliable electromagnetic lock control device, smart operation, can meet a variety of orientations including standing, lying, sitting and other conventional photography. After the U-arm is rotated 90 degrees, it can move up and down freely in the vertical direction for a long distance. It can take pictures of all parts of the body such as the skull, cervical spine, full chest, full spine and lower limb joints. Universal digital photography system in the sense.

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