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Does the sickle arm DR machine need to be shut down?

Newheek-Uarm 2月 25, 2022

Since sickle arm DR X-ray machines are X-ray photography equipment that integrates X-ray technology, digital acquisition technology and automatic control technology, they have strict requirements and characteristics in their use and maintenance, such as negligence and mistakes. , it may cause the image to fail during imaging, acquisition, transmission and printing, or cause the quality of the image to decline, so that the image cannot be used for diagnosis, and may even cause machine failure to bring inconvenience to work.
The startup and shutdown of the DR digital X-ray machine is also very important. When using it, it must be scientifically operated in strict accordance with certain operating specifications to ensure the correctness of the machine. Generally in the process of use, if the technical operation is improper, there will be a crash, or an unexpected power failure.
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