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Daily maintenance and repair of medical X-ray machines

Lillian 10月 08, 2021

Medical X-ray machines have become an indispensable tool for medical diagnosis and treatment. The basic principle of its work is to use X-ray penetration, differential absorption, photosensitivity and fluorescence. Since X-rays are absorbed by tissues or organs to varying degrees when passing through the human body, shadows of different densities will appear on the fluorescent screen or photographic film. According to the contrast of shadows, combined with clinical manifestations, laboratory examination results and pathological diagnosis, make a comprehensive judgment
How to ensure that the medical X-ray machine can provide long-term and stable clinical services is a problem that medical workers must seriously consider. In order to make the medical X-ray machine operate normally, the most effective method is to insist on daily maintenance and regular system inspection. The specific operation links of medical X-ray machine maintenance are as follows:
Staff operating medical X-ray machines should be familiar with the performance of the equipment. Before starting and using, please check the power supply used by the device. After the equipment is powered on, observe whether the power current and voltmeter are working properly. According to the conventional procedure, select the appropriate conditions to perform the normal exposure operation. When adjusting various switches or knobs, please pay attention to observe whether the indicated value of the meter is within the normal range; turn off the power in time after using the equipment. Once an abnormal situation is found, the power supply must be cut off immediately, and the maintenance personnel must be notified for inspection in time.
Medical X-ray machines should be repaired by dedicated personnel. In addition to routine maintenance, maintenance engineers should also conduct regular system maintenance on the medical X-ray machine. This period can be limited to six months or one year. Comprehensive system inspection, maintenance and maintenance are convenient for timely discovery of hidden dangers, mainly including regular inspection of the power cord, ground wire, console wiring and external connection cable connections, whether the fixing screws are loose and whether the wires are loose. The insulation is intact; check the equipment tightening screws and other fasteners and other connections; observe whether the instructions of the instrument are correct, and check whether the connecting wires are broken; clean the high-voltage cable plugs and sockets, and replace the insulation pads. Only by following and adhering to the above maintenance strategy can prevent The breakdown is enlarged, the maintenance cost is reduced, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged.

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