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Customers inquire about our sickle arm x-ray machine

Lillian 5月 06, 2021

I recently received a call from a customer who said that he saw our company’s sickle arm x-ray machine on the official website, and would like to inquire about the sickle arm x-ray machine. Can the customer ask about the angle of rotation of this product? The reply is yes, and our product has a very low radiation dose, which can effectively protect the health of the patient. The customer asked again if it can take pictures of the chest and limbs? Reply to the customer this device can take pictures of the human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine.
The high-frequency inverter technology of the sickle arm X-ray machine realizes the function of obtaining high-definition images with low-dose exposure. The load output meets the needs of full-body photography, eliminates motion artifacts, and short-term transient exposure can easily capture image information. The APR function can easily select the photographic conditions of different anatomical parts, and the AEC function of the ionization chamber can be selected to realize the automatic control of photographic exposure. The sickle arm X-ray machine has short imaging time and high DC component; it has good imaging repeatability and high exposure accuracy, and can obtain clear clinical images and rich diagnostic information with the smallest dose.
The above is all about the sickle arm x-ray machine, welcome to inquire.

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