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Customers in the Netherlands purchased our U arm X-ray machines

Newheek-Uarm 7月 10, 2023

A customer in the Netherlands saw our product information on the website and asked us for details. The other party is a local health center that needs to purchase a fixed DR X-ray machine. It is currently in the budget stage. We recommended the U arm DR machine. The customer was quite satisfied with the machine and paid a deposit at random.
Briefly introduce our U arm X-ray machine:

  1. Simple and convenient body position display, according to the selected patient’s body shape and position, the exposure parameters are automatically set, and can be saved and corrected.
  2. New U-shaped design, accurate rotation angle, multi-angle photography mode, to meet clinical needs.
  3. Reassuring safety function, the fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately judge the fault state, and can automatically protect and display the fault code, which is accurate, convenient and timely.
  4. Adopt digital flat panel detector with stable performance and greatly reduce X-ray dose.

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