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Customer inquiries about sickle arm x-ray machine for chest radiography

Lillian 4月 09, 2021

I recently received a call from a customer from Anhui. The customer stated that he saw our company’s sickle arm x-ray machine on the official website and wanted to consult with the sickle arm x-ray machine. The customer asked whether the sickle-arm x-ray machine can be rotated. ? The reply is yes, and our product has a very low radiation dose, which can effectively protect the health of the patient. The customer asked again if it can take pictures of the chest and limbs? Reply to the customer this device can take pictures of the human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine. The customer also asked what the operating specifications are, and the safety of the instrument: adjust the pointers of the dry voltmeter, power meter and other instruments to the lowest position before turning off and turning on the instrument. The pointer is damaged due to power failure.
When we use a sickle arm X-ray machine to perform an X-ray inspection, we usually ask to lie on a table or stand on a flat surface so that the body part to be inspected can be placed in the correct position. The X-ray machine looks like a tube with a large light bulb, which will be carefully aligned with the body part being examined by the radiographer. They will operate the machine from behind the screen or from the next room. X-rays will last for a fraction of a second. During the execution, there will be no feeling. When taking X-rays, you need to stay still to avoid blurry images. More than one X-ray can be taken from different angles to provide as much information as possible, and the process usually only takes a few minutes.
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