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Composition and characteristics of U-arm X-ray machine

Lillian 10月 19, 2021

The U-arm X-ray machine is mainly used for radiographic examination of the thoracic cavity, limbs, pelvis, lumbar spine and other parts of the human body.
The U-arm X-ray machine produced by our Newheek uses a digital X-ray imaging system to form a direct digital X-ray machine, which can achieve standing photography and chest radiography; the U-arm X-ray machine is combined with a diagnostic bed and a rotating multi-function camera. With the bent arms, photography in the lying position can be carried out. U-arm X-ray machine has direct digital photography technology (referred to as DDR). The X-ray passing through the human body is directly projected to the flat-panel image detector (referred to as DR board), and then the digital image is collected, processed and transported by computer technology. And display it on the monitor for medical staff to observe the image of human organs and tissues to achieve the purpose of diagnosis. It is different from traditional film imaging technology. It enables medical diagnostic X-ray machines to be filmless and can transmit digital images to other equipment or network systems, creating a new field of radiological diagnosis.
This U-arm X-ray machine is equipped with a DR frame, X-ray tube, high-frequency and high-voltage generator, beam light, mobile photography flat bed, flat panel detector, console, and digital workstation.

U-arm X-ray machine

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