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Characteristics of X-ray U-arm

Newheek-Uarm 4月 29, 2019

Characteristics of X-ray U-arm.
X-ray U arm can be used for digital photographic diagnosis of different parts of the body for patients of different body shape, different parts and different ages in radiology department.
A new type of X-ray U-arm main frame with high lifting height and wide rotating angle is designed. It can be used for taking pictures of patients in different positions. It can meet the requirements of multi-position photography for standing and lying patients. It is also flexible and easy to operate.
Customers can match darkboxes, CR IP boards, and DR.
Equipped with special radiology table, this is a movable radiology table, the bed body with four wheels can easily move, wheels with foot brakes, in use can be fixed by foot brakes.
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Characteristics of X-ray U-arm

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