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Can the U-arm X-ray machine be used with flat panel detectors?

Alina 7月 31, 2019

The flat panel detector is the core configuration of the DR system of the U-arm X-ray machine and is the U-arm imaging system.
Newheek U-arm uses the most popular flat panel detectors for superior image quality. The flat-panel detector for U-arm X-ray machine meets the requirements of all-electric imaging structure to meet all clinical examination needs, and the one-button positioning operating system can quickly and automatically complete the positioning of various postures.

It adopts color LCD touch screen for near-stage control, which is convenient and easy to use, and more in line with the requirements of hospital environmental sanitation. The integrated compartment control system integrates exposure control, image acquisition and image processing, and the Chinese-Chinese software interface control is more user-friendly. The flat panel detector is used for the U-arm X-ray machine to greatly improve the performance of the U-arm. The U-arm DR system consisting of a flat-panel detector for a U-arm X-ray machine is currently the choice of most people.

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