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Benin customer consults our sickle arm x-ray machine

Lillian 3月 26, 2021

Recently, I received an inquiry from a foreign customer about our sickle arm x-ray machine. The customer was an engineer from a local company and wanted to buy a DR all-in-one machine, so we recommended our sickle arm x-ray machine to the customer.
It can achieve standing photography and chest radiography; with the diagnostic bed and the curved arm of the rotating multifunctional photography stand, it can be used for lying photography. X-ray machine direct digital photography technology (DDR for short) is characterized by direct projection of X-rays passing through the human body onto a flat-panel image detector (DR board for short), and then application of computer technology to collect, process, transport and display digital images to surveillance On the device, medical staff can observe the images of human organs and tissues to achieve the purpose of diagnosis.
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Is it possible to use a flat panel detector for the X-ray U arm machine

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