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Advantages and disadvantages of U arm DR

Newheek-Uarm 4月 25, 2023

The U arm X-ray machine is mainly used for taking pictures of the human chest, limbs, pelvis, lumbar spine and other parts. It is different from the traditional film imaging technology. It enables medical diagnostic X-ray machines to be filmless, and can transmit digital images to other devices or network systems, creating a new field of radiological diagnosis. It adopts a U-shaped arm, and the center of the tube and the center of the detector are automatically aligned, which is very convenient for clinical application. Through A/D conversion and D/A conversion, the image can be digitally processed in real time, and it has the characteristics of high definition, fast imaging and low radiation. It is very suitable for radiology departments, medical examination centers and medical imaging centers for digitizing X-ray shooting of the whole body in various positions. So, what are the advantages of U arm DR?

  1. Microcomputer control design, liquid crystal display is very convenient to operate.
  2. The new high-frequency and high-voltage generator design makes the exposure conditions more stable and accurate.
    Reduce the generation of soft rays, effectively protect patients and doctors.
  3. Simple and convenient body position display system, according to the selected patient’s body shape and position, can automatically
    Manually set parameters, and also save and modify parameters.
  4. The newly designed U arm can accurately rotate the angle to meet clinical multi-angle shooting
    photography needs.
  5. The safety function is very reliable, and the fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately diagnose faults
    Status, and automatic protection; fault code display, convenient and accurate and timely processing.
  6. The latest digital flat panel detector design, stable performance, can greatly reduce the exposure
    Dosage is more reassuring.

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