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A customer inquired about our 500mA X-ray machine

Lillian 6月 29, 2021

A customer saw the 500mA X-ray machine advertised by our company on our Newheek website and called for consultation. The customer said that they are a medical device sales company. A local township health center was looking for a 500mA X-ray machine and asked us to recommend a suitable one. Style.
We recommended our 500mA fixed sickle arm X-ray machine to our customers, and sent the product pictures, as shown in the figure, as a reference, and explained to customers that this 500mA X-ray machine is currently used in hospitals at all levels One of the more popular ones can be used for film detection of the human head, limbs, chest, lumbar spine and other parts to meet the needs of township health centers. The customer asked us to send the 500mA X-ray machine product parameters and configuration list to the hospital.

500mA X-ray machine

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