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A customer calls to inquire about the sickle arm digital X-ray machine

Lillian 6月 04, 2021

Yesterday, a customer from Yunnan called to inquire about our digital X-ray machine, sickle arm digital X-ray machine. What is a sickle arm digital X-ray machine? Digital X-ray machine, also known as: DR direct digital X-ray camera system. The sickle arm digital X-ray machine is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by the combination of computer digital image processing technology and X-ray radiation technology. It is based on the direct film imaging of the original diagnostic X-ray machine through A/D Conversion and D/A conversion, real-time image digital processing, and then digitization of the image.
Compared with the traditional X-ray machine, the sickle-arm digital X-ray machine has the characteristics of fast imaging, convenient diagnosis and low radiation. Traditional X-ray machines use film-washing methods for imaging, which are limited by many conditions and need to be equipped with darkrooms or cassettes. The imaging is more complicated and the waiting time is relatively long. The digital X-ray machine collects images through the DR detector, which can be displayed directly on the computer, and can be retaken immediately if the shot is inappropriate, ensuring the sharpness of the imaging to the greatest extent. Traditional film imaging is slow, and sometimes requires multiple exposures, which greatly increases the amount of X-rays received by doctors and patients; while digital imaging is instant imaging, whether it is for doctors or patients, X-rays accepted The dosage is greatly reduced, minimizing the damage to the human body.
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