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A 500ma sickle arm X-ray machine used to photograph the lumbar spine

Lillian 7月 09, 2021

The customer called to consult a 500ma sickle arm X-ray machine for the lumbar spine. Through communication, we learned that the customer is currently using a 50mA X-ray machine, which is used to wash the film for imaging. The customer sent photos of the leg joint film and lumbar spine film. Shoot the lumbar spine as clearly as the leg joints. The client wants to perform lumbar spine radiographs for the patient and consult the improvement plan.
We explained to the customer that the 50mA X-ray machine can only take pictures of human limbs. If you want to clearly perform radiographic examination of the lumbar spine, you need to increase the shooting dose, and it is recommended to choose an X-ray machine above 300mA. We provide customers with two improved solutions, one is to purchase a 300mA X-ray machine supporting digital imaging system. The second is to purchase a 500ma sickle arm X-ray machine, which can be used with existing film washing equipment. The digital imaging system has clearer imaging and can compensate to a certain extent for the lack of unclear imaging due to the low dose. The dose of the 5500ma sickle arm X-ray machine is sufficient to clearly capture the human lumbar spine, including lateral imaging. The client approves of our plan, but the previous budget did not have that much, so we need to think about it again.
We at Newheek will provide different styles and doses of X-ray machines according to the different needs of customers. If you need a 500ma sickle arm X-ray machine, please leave a message for consultation.

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