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Components of a U arm X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 6月 17, 2023

In the medical field, the U arm X-ray machine is a very commonly used medical device, so how is it composed? The U arm X-ray machine usually consists of the following main components:

  1. X-ray tube: emits X-rays.
  2. Frame: It is composed of a swing arm, a bracket and a fixed base, and its function is to suspend the X-ray tube and control its position.
  3. Image receiver (such as digital flat panel detector or see-through screen): take the image of X-ray after passing through the tissue.
  4. Console: provide operating equipment and control parameters.
  5. Radiation protection devices: including protective screens, lead plates, etc., used to protect operators from health risks caused by long-term exposure to X-rays.
  6. Computer: for image processing and analysis, operation records and management.
  7. Cables and power cords: the wires and power cords connecting various components.
  8. Other auxiliary equipment: such as hand controller, focuser, etc., which are used to further assist operation and improve equipment performance.

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