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Jordanian customer inquiries about x-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 3月 14, 2022

Jordanian customers saw our sickle-arm X-ray machine products through our website, expressed interest in our sickle-arm X-ray machine, and inquired about the customer’s specific needs and uses. The customer expressed interest in using the sickle-arm X-ray machine, mainly Shoot the whole body. So I explained to the client that if you want to take a whole body, you need a large dose, and the small dose will be unclear, so I recommended a sickle arm X-ray machine to the client. The customer also sent our company’s specific sickle arm X-ray machine product information. The pictures of our sickle arm X-ray machine are as follows:

Is the simple and movable film bed suitable for X-ray U arm machine

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