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x ray uarm machine escort the mother of the world

Jack 5月 11, 2020

Notre Dame de Paris, with a history of more than 850 years, is one of the most famous churches in the world named after Notre Dame. The exquisite statues inside and outside this church, the beautiful glass windows, and the famous paintings all tell the story of Jesus Christ that has been popular in the West for two thousand years.

If Jesus Christ is the only actor that has been unique in Western religions and cultures for two thousand years, then the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary, is the heroine who runs through this story.

There are churches around the world named after her; countless painters and sculptors inspired her to create the image of the Virgin in their minds; and musicians have left her famous songs sung to this day. The Virgin Mary is the most admired woman in history and the woman who has left the most artistic images.

She is not only the Virgin in the eyes of Christian believers, but also the only woman who has left a name in the Islamic Koran.
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