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x ray u arm is committed to climate change response

Jack 6月 03, 2020

Anti-epidemic, in a sense, can also be said to be a test of the ability of the international community to cope with the biggest and most complex global challenge-climate change.

As for cooperation, so far, the international community’s response to the new crown epidemic has been mixed. The tension that may persist in the post-epidemic world will make the situation more complicated.

How to get the climate change process back on track is just one of the challenges. Important international conferences, such as the 26th UN Climate Conference (COP26), originally planned to be held in Glasgow in November, have now been postponed.

The big unresolved question is, what will happen to the “mindset” of the international community?

Will the sense of urgency and purpose be reborn? To what extent will the new international order allow the international community to act quickly on this extremely complex global issue?
x ray u arm is very useful in response to climate change.
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