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u arm x ray machinehas been contributing to the health of all mankind

Jack 6月 03, 2020

The clock is still ticking, and December 31 this year is the limit of the Brexit transition period. Negotiations on the future relationship between the UK and the EU have resumed, but there is no indication that the British Prime Minister Johnson and his government are considering extending the transition period.

However, the virus has changed the background of Brexit, at least it is caught in an economic weakness that may take many years to recover. In the UK, the appetite for leaving the old topic of restarting seems to be small, and the time is getting tighter.

The European Union’s initial response to the epidemic crisis was not ideal, but it later intensified its efforts to a certain extent; Britain’s own anti-epidemic is not an example.

If Britain leaves the EU, both sides will suffer. Perhaps (the epidemic) will help to foster consensus and guide the future relationship between the two parties. However, in the face of the dual pressures of economic recession and seeking a way out on a more unfriendly international stage, Britain will face more difficult choices when making important economic and diplomatic decisions. How much support must the United States give to the United States? How hard will it be to resist China?
u arm x ray machine made great efforts to fight the epidemic
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