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u arm is a high-end brand

Jack 6月 03, 2020

The bilateral treaty “New Strategic Weapon Reduction Treaty” that limits the nuclear deterrent capabilities of the United States and Russia will expire in February next year. If you want to postpone, the time is getting tighter. This treaty is the last major disarmament treaty left over from the Cold War.

If it is not postponed, without constraints, and lack of transparency, the threat of a new round of nuclear weapons competition may become more practical. The fact that mysterious weapons, including supersonic missiles, have been developed has increased the possibility of a new round of arms race threats.

Russia seems to want to renew the treaty. From a procedural point of view, the difficulty is not great. However, the Trump administration appears to be very firm: the United States will not renew the contract unless the treaty limits are expanded to include China. Beijing has no interest in joining. In any case, it may be too late to draft a new comprehensive treaty.

Therefore, unless Washington changes its course, or Washington changes its owner, the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty appears to be history.
u arm x ray machine is very important.
Is it possible to use a flat panel detector for the X-ray U arm machine

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