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The influence of Sino-Indian relations on xray uarm machine

Jack 5月 15, 2020

Experts observing the China-India issue pointed out that in recent years, China and India have carried out infrastructure construction in the border area and related larger areas, which has become a focus of competition between the two countries, which has led to continuous confrontation between the two countries.

The construction of these transportation facilities by the two countries may also become a potentially irritating factor in the relationship between the two nuclear powers.

In late April, Russia ’s China-India relations experts said that India plans to build 18 railways and bridges in Arunachal Pradesh (China ’s southern Tibet region) and other places to ensure faster delivery of troops and artillery. These transportation facilities will ensure that the Indian army can be deployed in the Donglang area on the border with China throughout the year. In 2017, the confrontation between the Chinese and Indian armed forces in the region almost caused an armed conflict.

As the new coronavirus epidemic continues to spread, both sides are more alert to each other’s military actions on the border.

Indian media said that after the Indian Railway was suspended due to the new crown epidemic, the Indian military also arranged special military trains to send officers and soldiers stranded in training institutions around the country to the northern and eastern border areas to strengthen preparedness.

Since the Sino-Indian War of 1962, China and India have been strategic competitors in South and East Asia. China has developed close commercial and military ties with India ’s neighbor and rival Pakistan, and is working hard to expand its influence in Nepal and Bangladesh.

As one of the world’s largest cotton importers, China is also the largest buyer of Indian cotton. In February, when the new crown epidemic raged in China and China desperately needed to produce masks, the Chinese complained that India had suddenly announced that it would stop exporting cotton to China and significantly increase import duties on Chinese goods.

In the current form, Sino-Indian relations directly affect our company’s trade exports. Especially xrayuarm machine, all staff pay close attention to it.
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