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Help them- u arm x ray machine

Jack 4月 20, 2020

United Nations / Evan Schneider
UN human rights expert: U.S. strategy to respond to 2019 coronavirus outbreak fails to take care of the poor
April 16, 2020

Philip Allston, the “United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights” appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council, said today that the poor in the United States are being hit hardest by the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, and the government must take urgent additional measures, Prevent tens of millions of American middle class from falling into poverty.

The products launched by our company can help the poor people who are in trouble, and they also need the attention of the government. This product will be welcomed by them because of its high quality and low price.
Flat panel detector for medical diagnostic X-ray U arm

90KV high voltage cable for 150KV tube of X-ray U arm

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