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All walks of life xrayuarm have been affected by the epidemic

Jack 5月 15, 2020

When cleaner José cleaned the house for a client, he was surprised to find that he received a tip of $ 100 on his account.

Jose’s first reaction was that the customer had made a mistake and must have accidentally added a zero to the tip of $ 10.

But the client told him that it was 100 dollars, and said he hopes the extra money will help Jose and his family get through.

Indeed, since the seriousness of the new US epidemic, Jose’s cleaning business has plummeted.

Now he only receives one cleaning order every day. Moreover, all cleaning tools need to be carefully disinfected before and after use, and you must wear fully equipped protective clothing, including masks and gloves, which is very troublesome. But Jose noticed that his regular customers gave more tips than before. He was very grateful for this.

He said that customers knew his business was affected, and tipping more can help him pay the rent.

Jose’s experience is not an individual phenomenon. With the gradual unblocking, stories of tipping are often heard throughout the United States.

After a restaurant in Austin, Texas, reopened on April 30, it was discovered that a guest had left a tip of $ 1,300 and a note was written: “Welcome back”

Some delivery staff also noticed that their tips began to increase.

All walks of life have been affected by the epidemic, and our wages have also been affected. The sales of this product </sxrayuarm machinetrong>have also been greatly affected, and we expect our income to return to normal.
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